Varsity Project is a clothing label started by two friends David and Mario. In their own search for well tailored classic clothing with a modern twist. What started as a passion and an idea has grown into our founding motto. Varsity Project aims to provide apparel that is well made at a reasonable price and can be individualized by every customer. This makes each piece of clothing we make unique.

Our logo stands for the roman symbol of war and peace, thus, trying to find a harmony in everything we do. Classically tailored clothing made by local tradesman with modern accents. Clothing that can be worn to the office but equally in leisure, giving the customer a comfortable and sensual feel while having the ability to make each purchased item their own. Isn't that what style is about? A persons expression of character.

Varsity Project has quickly established itself for offering a new approach to apparel and works with athletes, artists and tradesmen to find a perfect harmony of balance in every field. Our team is made up of people who have the same vision and passion and, we consider ourselves not a company but as a team. From our young marketing advisor who inspires street style, to our womens fashion advisor who exudes sexuality to the founding fathers contrast of classic elegant style and rock-roll, Varsity Project caters to every taste in every situation.

We hope you enjoy your purchased item, and we would love to hear your feedback on your Varsity experience.